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Welcome To Eartheart

​​Eartheart is a safe place where people are enable to remember and harness their full potential.

All of our offerings are carefully chosen for their proven capacity to have miraculous outcomes. 

Holistic Healing

We have created a hollistic healing collective in which modalities are uniquely woven together in a pathway to meet the needs of the individuals health and wellbeing.

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Empowerment Education

Our Tree of Life Pathway to Empowerment provides a safe, loving environment in which to learn and grow with a community of like-minded people

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We give back by offering community service programs, such as Soup Kitchen for the Soul and formerly Dreamtime Cleanups. In addition last year we donated in excess of $7000 to charity.

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​Our community is full of loving people from all walks of life, who are all passionate about creating a harmonious global community and healthy environment on Earth in which we can all share.

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Eartheart - Transforming Life on Earth

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