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  • Human beings are multi-dimensional.

    We consist of physical and non-physical bodies, which include; Physical, Emotional/Feeling, Mental – Conscious and Subconscious and Spirit Bodies.

    When we have an illness or a difficulty with our health and well being of any kind, all parts of self are affected.
    There is no 1 modality that will address all multidimensional aspects of a human being.

    In the same way as a screwdriver and a hammer are tools for different jobs, so to are the modalities that we facilitate here.
    In the same way as there is a process and an order of utilising the tools to make a repair on a house, so to does this principal apply with the order of application of the modalities we utilise at Eartheart.

    At Eartheart we address every persons circumstance with a holistic view.

    Each person is unique, so each person is attended to in the best way for them to return to a natural state of happiness, good health and well being.

    First you have an introductory consultation, in which we will evaluate your multi-dimensional being, by asking you questions about your current situation and your life, which will give indications about how you found your way to Eartheart as a pathway to empowerment.
    We will guide you through a map of your multidimensional being, each of its aspects and how they operate together as a whole. Then everyone is on the same page moving forward and there is always a reference point for us to look back on at any time and then your pathway begins.

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