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Animal Healing

Communing with nature is synonymous with Eartheart's philosophy.  We are the custodians of the land and Carers of Everything who dwell upon it.

Every living being is brethren to humanity and we are responsible for their care and nuture according to Dreamtime Lore

Freya's deep affinity with animals of all nature, understands their beings through her intrinsic knowledge, deep compassion and love for every living being.  This connects her to them and through this enables her to feel, hear and know their truth.

Animals come to Freya, whether from the wild, domesticated or in between.

Many times wild birds, after being badly injured, have been blessed by her heart and connection to source - restoring them to optimal health and freedom.  Domestic cats cease territorial bouts and spraying, Snakes call her to return them and aloof foxes come to connect with her.

All creatures great and small can benefit from her intrinsic wisdom