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Atlas C1 Vertebra Alignment - Aligns Your Whole Skeletal Structure

Kim's shoulder and chin are dropped, indicating the tilted C1 Atlas Vertebra

Kim's chin is lifted. Her C1 Atlas vertebra is now level

Kim's hips, legs and feet are twisted and not level or aligned with her spine. 
Her C1 Atlas vertebra is tilted and twisted.

Kim's hips, legs and feet are perfectly aligned with her spine. Her C1 Atlas vertebra was all that was released to achieve this remarkable result.

Align Your Atlas and your Skeletal Structure will naturally come into alignment with it!

A simple massage technique that aligns and balances your C1 Vertebrae, which in turn aligns your Spine & Skeletal Structure

The Benefits

Helps with a variety of medical conditions, which include;

• back pain
• bulging discs
• scoliosis
• sway back
• dowagers hump
• vertigo
• knee pain

• migraines
• headaches
• clenching jaw
• chronic fatigue
• whiplash
• pinching nerves in the neck and spine
• blood pressure (hyper tension)

• depression
• short leg
• twisted pelvis
• clicking jaw
• frozen shoulder
• Tinnitus
• balance problems
• muscle tension

Once your atlas finds its natural alignment the following benefits are often experienced

• Balance alignment and flow in the body and life
• Increased, sustainable energy
• Mental clearly
• Emotional Relief and improved positive outlook

• Deep, medication free sleep
• The ability to sleep in any position in bed
• More physical flexibility
• Pain Relief - back, neck and shoulder pain goes

As your body's self-healing capacity is enabled, a deepened sense of wellbeing is created and with this, optimism, joy and clarity naturally occur within your being and life.

An Interesting Insight and Experience of Note

Did you know that not one person I have ever examined has a straight atlas!?
People all over the world endure pain and discomfort physically, which has a big impact on their emotions and mind, all due to the misalignment of the C1 Atlas Vertebrae and spine.
Are you suffering and putting up with ailments such as migraines, stiff neck, clenching jaw, shoulder pain or frozen shoulder, digestive problems, anxiety or depression, mid or lower back pain, short leg or many others?
This is usually due to the misalignment of the ATLAS or C1 vertebra, which is the portal between brain and body.
With this vibrational massage treatment, it is now possible to unlock the knots and in the muscles that hold the Atlas C1 Vertebra out of place, thereby restoring harmony, balance and flow to your body and you can enjoy a healthier pain free life.
When your head, neck and body are in the correct alignment, they function with true unity. Your neural pathways which inform your body through the spinal fluid, once more have free flowing passage to communicate effectively and accurately.

Why Choose to have Your Atlas Aligned?

1. It's Safe! No cracking or manipulation of the neck and spine.
2. It's inexpensive, no ongoing treatment necessary.
3. One session gives you immediate and sustained relief.
4. Rejuvenated Alignment and Balance
5. Mobile Treatments
6. You'll feel better!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you crack or manipulate my spine?
A. NO, This a massage process that loosens tension in the muscles connected to and surrounding the C1 Atlas Vertebra.

Q. What does the procedure involve?
A. Your head is gently supported as gentle vibration and massaging pulses are focused on the soft tissue / muscles surrounding your atlas C1 Vertabra.
The muscles are sufficiently softened with the massage and the atlas naturally finds its correct alignment and balance.

Q. Is the treatment painful?
A. The same as having a back massage, when there is pain and tension in the muscles, then it is not possible to massage them without some pain occurring.
However once the pain held in the muscles is released, there is great relief and you can then enjoy the procedure and find it deeply relaxing and meditative.

Q. How many sessions will it take to do?
A. The alignment takes place in one session that lasts approximately one hour. Included in your treatment is a follow up session in 3 to 4 weeks following the initial consult to confirm the correction is effective.

Q. Why is the atlas out of alignment in 99% of people?
A. Although no one single scientific answer has been proven, it is thought that child birthing and early child hood falls are the initial cause, followed by the increased propensity to have sporting injuries, knocks to the head, car accidents and whiplashes as a compound issue from the original cause and contribute to the atlas C1 Vertebra misalignment.

Q. Post treatment, how will I feel immediately afterwards?
A. Most people feel better immediately. Some people feel the alignment takes longer, over a few weeks to settle.

You are unique and therefore your healing process is unique. Most discomfort disappears directly and a straighter posture can take over a month, as the body continues to straighten. This procedure aligns the Atlas C1 Vertrbra and by virtue of thet the whole skeletal structure. It can take up to 6 months for your muscles to recalibrate to your new position, depending on your general health and personal level of fitness and your exercise and stretching program.

What happens during the session?

This Atlas Alignment Technique is NON chiropractic, it is a massage technique, there is NO manipulation, no cracking and no twisting.

Your head is comfortably supported as gentle vibrations and pulses are directed onto the soft muscle tissue surrounding the atlas C1 vertebra by the special Atlas massage tool.
Once the soft muscle tissue surrounding your Atlas is sufficiently massaged enough, using a special sequence, your atlas will naturally return to its appropriate alignment.
The vibrations and pulses from the massage tool can be really relaxing. It is not uncommon for people to enjoy the sensation of wholeness as balance, alignment and flow are restored, as ones head, neck and body unify.
This technique is suitable for all ages 6 months plus. Giving your children the best possible chance to grow up strong and healthy, the earlier in life this is facilitated the better for them.
A follow up session will be arranged with you, at you initial appointment for 3-4 weeks late,r to ascertain that your Atlas C1 Vertebra has retained its alignment.