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Crystal Dreaming Journeys

What Happens?

The facilitating of an "altered state" Using a layout of crystals on and around the body.

Your own personal shamanic journey. This journey into an altered state frequently leads to a state of bliss, where profound emotional, physical and spiritual healing may occur. On this journey you will be assisted with the release of blockages, including the release of; cellular memory, emotional blockages, past or present life trauma, negative energy, entities & interference from any other source. These techniques open all channels to the spirit world and beyond, facilitating inter-dimensional travel whilst remaining fully conscious (bi-location).

In this state, profound, positive and immediate life changes often occur.

For those who are challenged by ill health, whether it be created in this or previous lives, we will locate, diagnose and treat the cause of any imbalance or energy blockage in the first session. Results of your Crystal Dreaming™ are immediate & permanent & have to be experienced to be believed.

Distance is no obstacle: Advance Crystal Dreaming Technique – Skype & phone appointments available.

For further information about Crystal Dreaming and the creator of this technique Raym Richards please see link below;