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Scalar Bath - Ozionics Aqua Therapy

What is Scalar Energy Treatment?

Scalar Energy Treatment - a powerful healing ally in the treatment of ailments of the body, mind and emotions, such as :

Chronic Fatigue
Emotional Trauma
Emotions Balancing
Eyesight Restoration
General Healing

Mental Illness
Regeneration of Soft and Hard Tissue , (Skin, Muscular and Skeletal)
Cells and Neurons

Strengthening the Heart
Unloading Negative Programming
Vital Energy
Weight Loss
Aura Restoration
Cancer Healing

Healing the Body and Mind

(The following text is all taken from the Ozi-onics Scalar Wave Technology bath manual –
Compiled by: Thomas D’Amico B.E, N.D, fr Ozi-onics Pty.Ltd)

It has been noticed that researchers, particularly quantum physicists, have observed that broadcasting certain frequencies through water can produce beneficial effects and changes to living organisms. These frequencies facilitate the formation of the healing energy field known to science, as “Non Hertzian Fields’ or ‘Torsion Waves’, which can regulate or activate the endogenous self-healing process. This subtle force is the energy of life that flows in all directions, which appears to be encapsulated in tiny spheres; when this energy is released it is very powerful and it can be used for healing. The observable EMF field can act as a path cutter through the physical structure, to free the healing subtle energy so as to produce a specific effect upon the physical organism. Although the effect is observable, there are currently no known electronic devices that can actually measure this subtle energy, which is speculated to be the same as that resulting from hands-on healing modalities.

In Ozi-onics Bath the Electro-Magnetic field is partly drawn by the machine and partly from the Earth energy, whereas the Life Force is from a subtler or finer source; it is that living essence that the healed mind can use for restoring the body.

The body is united with the Earth energies hologram. The EMF is an energy that emanates from the Earth. The human being needs to become like an empty vessel by releasing all destructive ideas that reside in the unconscious mind. These negative and egotistic thought forms are unnatural to the truly sublime nature of the true living being.

The healing energy, as I understand it, is the result of a transformation of the electromagnetic energy into another more subtle form of ‘energy’ by means of the medium of water. We are told the this subtle ‘energy’ moves in all directions as tiny spheres and it is the energy of life. This healing energy also involves the operator and patient’s thought system field, hence intent and focus are very significant on the healing process. A state of fear and anxiety will undermine the healing and such a state may totally prevent healing of the body.

Observed Effects of the Energy Impulse

• Skin exfoliation and cleansing of pores
• Stimulation of hair and nail growth
• Oxygenation of blood (disease-causing organism cannot tolerate high levels of oxygenation)
• Improvement of stamina
• Reactivation of neurological paths
• Cells massaged at 4000 times/sec
• Tightening up of cellulite

Professor Marc Cohen comments on electro-stimulation therapy:

“Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy involves the application of electromagnetic fields to various parts of the body to assist healing. The mechanisms by which this therapy works is thought to be through an acceleration of extra-cellular matrix synthesis, however, this is not entirely understood. It may be that the pulsed electromagnetic fields act by providing a ‘molecular massage’ whereby dipole molecules in the body are made to vibrate at particular frequencies thus enhancing microcirculation, the movement of extra and intra cellular fluid and the alignment of molecules that make up the extracellular matrix.”

“Perhaps the most novel and versatile form of electro-stimulation is the use of underwater transducers to apply pulsed electrical stimulation via the modulation of a carrier wave that can be pulsed according to different waveforms and frequencies. This device combines pulsed electromagnetic field and electro-acupuncture-type stimulation that can be felt to penetrate through specific points and propagate throughout the body. Thus the user is able to experience a sensory exploration of the internal parts of their body using an electrical impulse that can be directed anywhere in the body through the placement of the transducer paddles. It is interesting to note that although the transducer paddles have a relatively large surface area, the applied stimulation can be felt to penetrate the body at specific points and the propagated sensation can be felt along specific channels producing an electro-acupuncture effect. Furthermore, the stimulation can be used to and produce muscular contraction in particular muscle groups as well as stimulate internal organs and deep connective tissue. While anecdotal evidence suggests that this technique is effective in treating musculoskeletal pain along with a variety of other somatic and internal disorders, further research is required to establish the optimal treatment parameters along with the conditions that can be best treated.”

The connection with the Dolphin is that Scalar penetrates through cells into other dimensions of our being as does Sonar, thus when working with such energy we are aligning with the Platinum Ray of healing, which the Dolphin energy exists in.

The feeling is one of being worked with by cosmic energies, beings in other dimensions and planes of existence who love us unconditionally, and being surrounded by the loving and high vibrational Dolphin energy.

For most ailments this will be of assistance, from muscular skeletal tears, breaks and sprains, to aura and chakra healing, to emotional and mental cleansing and balancing, this healing technique can be applied – as every ailment and condition relates back to frequency. Everything has it’s own unique frequency signature and can be balanced and restored using the right frequency to retune it.
So come and experience this remarkable and rare healing system for yourself.
Deep release and restoration is possible for anyone with the intention to do so.

All ailments in the physical body stem from dis-easement or disruption of the natural state of our being. We are more than our physical bodies, far, far more than we can imagine with our mind. We may perceive some level of our vastness at times in our life. We may experience these feelings of Oneness for long periods of time, or they may be fleeting.

This depends on how much time we spend in nature, in harmony with the cycles of life, or in states which allow our true nature to be present with us in the here and now. Such moments may be at times when we are with loved ones, when we are creating art, when we see something which makes our soul and our Spirit stir or quicken, or in meditation etc.

Our natural state is bliss.

We have simply forgotten, but we are remembering.

The more in tune we become with our natural bio-rhythms the more we realize our true ecstatic Divine selves, capable of creating anything and everything we desire deep within our hearts and without having to really try too hard, as these things are always right there at our finger tips, we just need to be in a clear state, aligned with the Laminar flow of the Divine and our higher selves, ready to receive from the Universe all we are asking for.

To clear all which blocks us from our dreams and our health, (and remembering that all obstacles are an illusion), is the way to healing.