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Praise from recipients of healing

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My Crystal Dreaming Session was the most profound and enlightening experience of my life.

Jane DayAdult Gymnast – Wife and Mother

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Freya-Savitri facilitated an Energy Healing on me for my kidneys which were leaking protein and doctors were warning me of Dialysis machines if there was no improvement.2 weeks later I had a blood test showing the leaking had stopped! My thought patterns had been reprogrammed and my body responded so well! Freya was so respectful and gentle with her healing and I felt very comfortable and trusting of her. Thank you so much for your love and expertise during my healing that my kidneys responded so well to.  I recommend Freya to anyone wanting to make a choice towards  healing and wholeness.

Blessings Kim O’Meara
Laughter Ambassador 2008Laughter WA Profiles – http://laughwa.org.au/profiles.html



THANK YOU, My life has changed significantly for the better from the healings I have received at Eartheart.With Energy Healing Freya has helped me to seamlessly repair the crushed bones in my foot – the doctors said I would have a permanent limp and surgery would be required – not so!The Atlas Alignment and Scalar Therapy have relieved my chronic back pain significantly.Now I no longer have an analgesic dependency, which I was taking several times a day!I intend to complete my treatment and recover fully!The Crystal Dreaming has been life changing and I am signing up to spend time with Freya at Eartheart to go deep with learning everything I can to help benefit others.The House Clearing she did for me changed the negative vibes in my home to amazing graceful positive ones – the contrast was profound – not to mention the removing of clutter and organisation it inspired!!!The Holistic Pathway to healing and personal empowerment she has created is amazing – words can’t express my gratitude – my world is an increasingly more peaceful, harmonious, healthy and joyful experience because of you and Eartheart.

Vianney Sampson



My husband and I are Earth healers, we recently had some Coaching a “Gateway” (Atlas Alignment combigned with Energy Healing) healing with Freya-Savitri and have experienced a huge shift. Beforehand, we had lost direction and were not sure of what path to take but since then, we have found we have a purpose and it has given us hope to carry on and keep going.

Chris and Dave Knight


I had an Energy Healing with Freya-Savitri before having a cancerous tumor of 35mm in my bowels surgically removed. The results were that I had a speedy 5 day recovery. Recovery normally takes 10days in hospital with a further 2 weeks recovery at home.I was out of hospital on day 5 & mowing the lawns on day 6. The doctors couldn’t believe it – I just kept telling them “the other patients didn’t have a Savitri!”

Gillian London


I can’t recommend Freya-Savitri highly enough, Freya provides excellent service and is highly professional. I have been for a number of sessions – Energy Healing, Crystal Dreaming, Business Healing, Atlas Alignment, Mentoring and Meditation – the works!  It is without doubt that these sessions have been incredibly affective and continue to have enormous impact on my life in a variety of ways.  Freya makes me feel very comfortable before, during and after my sessions.  Freya offers a calm, relaxed environment and I always feel completely at ease, she has such an amazing way of making you feel welcome and in safe hands.  Further, my healings with Freya lead to amazing life changing experiences.  I am only too happy to thoroughly recommend going to see Freya to work her magic on the inner you.


Mother, Business Owner/Manager


I have found Freya-Savitri’s Energy Healing and Mentoring methods to be revelatory. Not only are the processes easy to follow, they are highly effective in quickly producing profound shifts in the emotional/energetic body. Savitri’s manner throughout the sessions we undertook was highly professional and imbued a mixture of awareness, deep intuition and compassion.  I feel that you’re involved in a most sacred mission and your mission will bring freedom and enlightenment to many souls. And we both know how important it is at this time in the Earth’s evolution that all who feel the stirrings of change work within and without to bring about a world formed upon the foundations of Higher Reason and Love.

Karl Griffiths, Musician


Its so beneficial to have a regular Distance Energy Healing, as I have found myself making much more rapid progress with some intractable issues with a regular appointment.Freya-Savitri does a great job, and believe it or not, this is not affected by remoteness! Being on the Phone is the next best thing to being there and I recommend Freya as a great way of making sure you look after yourself, enabling you to look after others.”

Alison, mother of two, full time CEO, Busy Woman.


As an Owner/Manager of my business I feel compelled to write and thank Freya-Savitri for the amazing Business Energy Healing she gave me and my business. She had a profound way in which she connected and re-connected me to my business and uncovered the source of my business weaknesses on an energetic level. It became apparent that through working through the layers of my own blocks my business became free of its own. I felt a powerful journey with Freya on a personal level too and highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about making positive change within their business and/or themselves. She is truly an amazing healing and I will be employing her skilfulness again.

Mrs Monica Kotulla-PorterManager/Coordinator Creative Wisdom



Thank you Freya. You are a profound and magnificent healer, after my Energy Healing, at your suggestion, I did a round on the mala, with exactly the intention that you suggested, and when I looked in the mirror, I saw magnetic beauty of the universe in me.  At last I am not to tired to open my heart and all the fear and anxiety have dropped away.

With love – again… Sue xxx