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​Our Tree of Life Pathway to Empowerment courses have been created to take you on a transformational journey to remembering your full potential, your multidimensional nature and to return your ability to harness your power to flow with grace in your life.


Metaphysics of Etheric Hygiene

Attune to Your Higher Guidance

Anatomy of Divinity - The Seed of Life

Sacred Geometry - The Flowering of Life

Conscious Communication


​Alchemy of Spirit

Living Love in Action - The Flowering of Life

Conscious Relationship - The Fruit of Life


Alchemy of Divinity

Metaphysics of Mental Hygiene - Yoga for the Mind


Conscious Dreaming

Cycle of Life - Conscious Passing for Conscious Rebirth

Traversing the Tree of life

Crystal Dreaming TM

​-Practitioner Course
-Advanced Practitoner Course
-Movie Nights