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Energy Healing

Here the photographer catches the golden energy Freya is blessing into this crystal whilst preparing for a Spring Equinox Land and Ocean Healing in 2012.
The photographer catches the divine energy being anchored by Freya in this Energy Healing at Woy Woy Healing Glade, NSW 2011. Look closely and you can see the energy stream at the back of her heart chakra and the outline of her auric field.

What Happens?

You sit in a chair with your feet on the floor, hands face up for receiving energy and your eyes closed so you can go within.

• Working with your energetic anatomy - Aura, Chakra's & Meridians, equivalent to the skin, other organs & veins of the physical body.
• Sccanning of your energy field is conducted to assess its strengths and weaknesses. I may give you initial feedback
• I may also give feedback about & what it is apparent within your energetic anatomy & which I wish to focus on, in consultation with you and what it is that you wish to attain from the session.
• During the session I will focus on your physical, mental, emotional and soul bodies.
• Sometimes you may just need a good clean out. Other times you will be assisted to harmonise difficult relationships.

You will receive spiritual guidance based on the state of your chakras, even past lives or deceased family members can surface for one reason or another.
Sometimes your session may lead to dual healings, as the departed loved one also receives healing on the non-physical body so as to merge more fully back into the Soul realm.

Ignite Your Spirit Therapy is very effective for finances personal or business, grief & it is also very effective for any other emotional issue, depression, anxiety & mental body imbalances of all kinds, pain relief , illness reversal, pre or post operative & also for animals both domestic & wild.

Ignite Your Spirit Therapy works in person or by distance healing Skype or telephone sessions available.

Distance is no obstacle, Skype & phone appointments available.
To book a session or for more information please contact Savitri via our Contact us Page or by using the booking form on this site.