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Attune to Your Higher Guidance

Would you like to be consciously connected to and able to access information from the infinite stream of consciousness available to us at any time?
Harness your Intuition, a powerful skill for enhancing all aspects of your life – suitable for beginners and experienced alike.

• Are you curious about clairvoyance and the mystifying human potential?
• Would you like to learn how to use all of your clair senses?
• Have you had experiences with seeing or sensing things that don’t appear to be physically there?
• Do you sometimes know things and can’t explain it?
• Do you ever think of someone and then they call you?
• Would you like to know how and why these things happen?

It will be so wonderful to be able to attune to your higher guidance whenever you wish.

It will be amazing to be able to access the information from the infinite stream of consciousness available to us, for the benefit of those you love – and for yourself too!


There is a clear difference between Intuition and psychic awareness, and in this foundation workshop you will learn to discern the difference.
There are no requirements for this course, and you do not need any specific skills or ‘gifts’.
What we will empower you with is something that all humans can do – we simply give you the tools to unlock this potential and remember that it has always existed within you.

In this workshop:

• You will be introduced to your energetic body, its basic functions and its relationship to your intuition.
• We will explore the ancient world of intuitive arts so we have an empowered understanding of what it is and where we’re journeying to.
• You’ll access and deepen your intuition by working with powerful transformational meditations which clear blockages through all bodies and enhance your receptivity to receiving higher guidance.
• You’ll receive spiritual activations and attunements for your highest divine good.
• You’ll experience a variety of fun activities and exercises to activate and strengthen your intuition and spiritual muscle!
• And … you’ll get to play with intuition by giving and receive a variety of reading techniques including psychometry, cards, water and crystal ball scrying and more.

You will be fully equipped to facilitate readings upon completion of this transformative journey.