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Anatomy of Divinity

Great empowerment lies in knowing the Anatomy of Your Divinity. Within this construct lies the blueprint of creation and the map of the cosmos.

During this 9 weeks we take a journey into our own multidimensional nature, through becoming familiarised with the Anatomy of our Divinity, each of its fundamental aspects and how their primary or basic functions relate to our life.

We explore an overview of basic sacred geometry, the equation of perfect nesting and it’s relationship to the holographic universe.
We explore energy and vibration, how to and why you would want to raise the vibration of your Etheric Body.

We then go within, becoming intimately acquainted with our Etheric Body (Aura, Chakras and Meridians).

Each week we will explore the 9 Personal Chakras and the first 2 transpersonal chakras.
The consciousness that is associated with each chakra and the corresponding organ.
How to recognise their condition measured through positive and negative states of body, mind, emotion and life experience.

Each week we will explore simple Etheric Body Yoga practices –
Breath of Life and Chakral Breathing, utilising specialised energy practices for strengthening and developing the energy/etheric body and each chakra that we are working with.
The more you undertake these exercises the more you will illuminate your aura.

Each week as we explore a new chakra we will take a journey through a powerful Transformational Meditation technique, developed based on the Crystal Dreaming TM Modality.
During these meditations you will clear blockages, negative patterning and programming and receive spiritual activations for your divine highest good.


  • A clear understanding of your Anatomy of Divinity.A clear understanding of the consciousness each of your energy centres is responsible for in your everyday life.
  • Tools and Techniques for Raising the vibration of each energy centre and developing your Etheric body – Aura Chakras and Meridians.
  • Breath of Life – Techniques & Exercises
  • Chakral Breathing Techniques & Exercises
  • A strong foundation to build upon (Alchemy of Divinity).
  • Transformation. You will never be the same again!