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Metaphysics of Etheric Hygiene

When cleaning and sterilisation was introduced in hospitals and doctors surgeries some hundreds of years ago now, people at first thought this was crazy! Now it’s become law and is common practice to clean thoroughly to remove the risk of infection.

In this course learn how to apply the same basic principles to your etheric body and the etheric dimension – AKA your environment. Now, in the 21st century, you have the opportunity to remember the wisdom of the ancients and explore beyond the physical dimension, where lies a world of wonder and mystery. In the exploration of the ethers you’ll find the answers to many of life’s small and large questions and issues.

Our primary subtle bodies are the Etheric, Astral and Soul. In this course we focus primarily upon the Etheric Body and how to clean and maintain it, and that of your immediate environment. Doing so will reduce many issues that slow up your life and will make personal development more easy and graceful.

When we become enmeshed in our own bioplasmic waste matrix (emitted thoughts, emotions and beliefs) within our energy body, and particularly within our home environment, we can fall into the pitfall of believing ourselves to be those thoughts, emotions and beliefs … and we become stuck in patterns and habits, stagnant, blocked and sometimes even go as far as feeling frustrated, angry and hopeless.

At those times it’s amazing how much energy it can take to do the simple things like pick up the vacuum cleaner – don’t we all know it!

With the Metaphysics of Etheric Hygiene, those days are gone!


  • A clear understanding of what Etheric Hygiene is.
  • A clear understanding of why it’s worthwhile for your health.
  • A large set of tools and practices that will make a huge difference to the flow of love, abundance, joy and peace into your everyday life.
  • Clearing Meditation and Activations.
  • Etheric Body Building Exercises and Practices.
  • How to scan energy.
  • How to create specific herbal/resin blends to clear, balance or amplify energies.
  • How to clear your energy field using physical and non-physical tools.
  • How to accurately and deeply clear and energise your home environment using physical and non-physical tools.
  • Specific Crystal Knowledge for transmuting energy.
  • Ethical Practice awareness*Course Notes provided.
    *Smudging Equipment Provided