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​As an additional service to our Soup Kitchen for the Soul Community Healing Program, we are facilitating the opportunity to sponsor a healing for someone in financial hardship, who without your compassion could not access the assistance they require for their wellbeing.

Eartheart's Community of volunteer trained healers facilitate this program, which is how we can manage it. In addition Eartheart donates our venue a day a month. This Donate A Healing aspect of this program is also administrated by volunteers. 10% of your donation will go to charity and the balance will be paid to a healer nearest to the clients location.

Each applicant will be receive an assessment which will be conducted by Eartheart Free of Charge. Some modalities can only be facilitaed at Eartheart, as they are specialised and in that case, Eartheart will receive the payment. We hope you will open your hearts with ours and give back to our community in need.

Warmest Eartheart Dreamteam 

Donations can be made ​below: