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Assisted Passing – Richard and Toni’s story

In loving memory of Richard Arthur Bennet-Bremner, who asked that his story be shared for the benefit of all.

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Toni and Richard


Full Article - unedited version

The girls and I were at “the happy place” for our lunch break.

I must have looked as odd as I was feeling. There was a massive amount of energy flowing through my being, legs and feet vibrating.  

“Are you okay?” Desiree looked at me and said,“What? Is the energy bad here? Must we leave? I like the food here!”

“No, Des, there’s just a lot of energy coming through,I’m not sure what’s happening yet.”

I had to sit down and moments later the phone rang.
“Are you sitting down?” Toni asked. “So Yes!”

“I’m going to ask you a question that you’ve probably never been asked before.” “Okay, shoot.” “You know that Richard has been sick for a while?”

“Yes, I’ve been meaning to call and pay you a visit.”

“He’s not ready to go yet, but we’ve come to the place of planning his passing, we feel you would be the perfect person to facilitate his ceremony.”

“Thank you, it would be my privilege! So that was you two! I just had to sit down” I explained.

Laughing, we planned a visit.
  Richard and Toni are two of the people I love most in the world, unexplainably, that my heart burst into love and recognition the first time we met, our soul bond palpable. Who can know where that love will lead?

We all gathered a couple of times with Julian Silburn of Sound Alchemy to, for healing, preparing for Richard’s crossing over. Working with sound, crystal grids and energy for clearing and protecting his space.

Richard, a very intelligent, learned man, now in a home care situation, no longer walking, spent his days with his beautiful wife Toni, caring for his every need. “I feel guided to offer you more assistance Richard, I could help you when and you’re ready to cross over.”

“Can you do that? How?”

“We make an agreement and I come to you day or night, just call and I’ll come. We don’t need to know the details, the divine will arrange it.”

“What will it be like, what happens?”

“When you are ready, I will use energy to help your spirit to depart your body, then clean you up so you are in a sparkling condition to make the journey back to Source. “I will speak with you, as clearly as we are speaking now.”


“Yes, it’s just like we’re having a chat, because we are. I’ll prevent you from getting stuck to Earth and communicate anything you want to say to your family.  I’ll connect you with your team of unconditionally loving guides who will take you home to Source.”



“Yes please, that will be wonderful.”

With that and absolute faith, we knew that it would work as the guides had divined the words that were spoken and so it was. After that Richard relaxed a lot about dying and he became more peaceful.

December 12 2014,Toni called, “It’s happening now.”

“Okay, I’m coming.” Within my inner plane I said, ”Richard hang on, I’m on my way.” And I knew he would.  
I drove to the hospital, parked my car and text alerted Toni, I was coming up the stairs.

Toni met me, we walked into the room. His son said, “His breathing is shallow, he’s going.” I was pulled by the power of love to his feet, I connected to Richard, the energetic process unfolding before I’d even had a chance to sit down, Richard now unconscious, eyes closed, we were together on the inner plane.

He knew what was happening, for he had waited till he heard I was coming up the stairs before he began to let go. Many of Richard’s family, were present, the amount of emotion in the room was beautifully intense, I felt it heaving through my being too. “Richard, I love you.” I said, then I began to invoke for each person in the room and for unconditional loving guidance, healing for all and safe passage home for Richard.

Telepathically I began explaining to Richard what was happening.  Why I was doing what I was doing so that he was fully engaged in the process. I explained to his family what I was doing too. “I’m helping to make it easier for him, when he is ready to leave his body, it gentler and easier for his spirit.”

There began a process that lasted some hours. As more and more of Richard’s being left his body, he became more and more lucid. He was able to communicate with me more clearly as he became free of his body that was wracked with pain physically. He was so surprised at the divine beauty beyond the physical, the colours, the magic and miracles, vistas of beauty that opened before him. It was magnificent to behold as his spirit begin to soar.

“I didn’t quite believe it you know, that you could hear or speak with me, yet here we are!” said Richard. I laughed audibly and I saw a massive golden portal open up above Richard and all of his guides who were also golden, descend into a large, wide circle around him.

I was translating to Richard’s family what was happening.
“He’s experiencing joy and freedom and an expanded level of consciousness that he hasn’t been able to reach in this lifetime.  He’s saying, "imagine the most beautiful scenery on Earth you can and times it by a million!” He says he is expanding rapidly and feeling so much love, joy, peace and that he’s in no pain. He had the best view of Earth I had ever seen and I am certain that even though my clairvoyance is clear, it isn’t a patch on the actual experience!"

Keenly aware that Richard was still not connected with his guides or to the home Source, this was no place to tarry. Richard’s guides did not interfere with his process as they respect free will and are patient, they stood well back and allowed him to come to his own awareness of their presence and what was happening. I did my best to do so too. I followed the direction of the guides, both his and mine, in communion.

Richard was seeing his life, sort of like a movie, only all at once and he was realising that life was not what he had though it was all about! I smiled as quiet little laughs would leave my mouth. I was aware that everyone was wondering what on Earth was going on and they’d say, “what’s happening, what’s he saying?”

Words are but a pale expression of the beauty I witnessed.

“He’s seeing his life now and realizing it was not what he thought and he’s now feeling gratitude and love for everyone and everything, even the people who gave him trickiness because he realizes now everyone he has ever met gave him the opportunity to perfect love.”

“He’s forgiving and asking for forgiveness, he’s saying he loves you all. He loves each of you with the same love and loves each of you individually for who you are and who you are to him.  He’s saying...”

I faltered... emotion now so powerful. I collected myself...

“He’s saying, "there’s this thing between fathers and son’s,” I looked towards his son, “He says he loves you and that he could never find the right way, the right words...”

I faltered again, emotion so intense my body shook and my voice seized, through heaving waves of emotion...“to say to you just how much he loves you.”

His son, body shaking, hands covered his eyes, was undone and cried out “I love you Dad.” Everyone in the room was crying, moving together through the power of love that binds us all, into healing.

Later after Richards passing his daughter confirmed I had relayed the exact words her father has spoken to her and her siblings on their last trip together to ride the ferries in Sydney. It was a privilege to speak on Richard’s behalf and exquisite to share.

Then Richard was observing his own energy centres and experiencing the difference in his being after he had taken the opportunity to forgive and speak his hearts truth to his loved ones. He noted with some concern, “There’s still a little thing in my heart centre. What about this? am I unclean.”

He was concerned about judgment.

“No Richard you are a pure soul, see.” I showed him a feather floating in my heart centre. “You have a heart as light as a feather,” and I placed the feather in his heart centre and it floated. Handing Richard over into the very capable hands and hearts of his guides, I said “You can ask your guides, they’re here.”

Out of the ethers came the hand of a guide holding a touchstone, shining bright white like a star, touching it to Richard’s heart centre. He instantly remembered the purity of his spirit and all fear melted away. As the blinding light receded Richard became aware of his Guides presence as they stepped into view around him. He was both awed and overjoyed to see them. They asked him if he’d like to come back to Earth and he said, “Yes!”

They said “Then you can leave something to work with for next time.” Richard understood all in a moment that was the whole purpose of life on Earth. To perfect love and the way to do that is to take the bits that are not perfected and transform them back into love during life.
He was very happy. He still had a lot of questions and began to address me again with them.

I said “You can ask your guides, they have more answers than I”

He thanked me, marveling at his fortunate experience to leave his body in this way and then turned to his guides together walking towards the golden portal now.

“Well I hope the walk to heaven is not a short one! I have a lot of questions!”

LOL!!! Just so Richard! Deep in conversation, as they approached the golden doorway, all the colours of the rainbow swirling around them dissolved into gold and all of his questions we’re answered, in a moment. I explained to Richards family, answering their questions too. It was not possible to explain everything, as some things we’re just so awesome and others were happening so fast, I had no words for them at the time.

Toni asked, “What now, where is he now?” I asked the guides, observed and explained,

“Well his guides have taken him to a place where he can do a self assessment a review on his goals for this life. There’s no judgment, only Richard assesses himself and it’s not like it’s good or bad in the soul dimension, it’s only vibration, then taking that into account, with his guides, he will make a new goal for next lifetime.  At the same time, Richard is not bound by the laws of the physical anymore, he can be in many places, do many things at once, he can be here with us and be there.”

Whilst there was grief in the room, everyone felt a lot of peace. Richard’s chosen experience for crossing over, gave him, his family and the world a profound gift and it is my humble privilege to share it with you.

I have wept tears of gratitude and love, for the honour of sharing this experience.

May your spirit soar Richard, may peace be with you and may we all be at peace.

The experiences of a kundalini awakening in 1999, together with an experience of meeting and following the guidance from Archangel Azrael (Angel of Death and Transformation), years of training and experience in facilitating Crystal DreamingTM Sessions that I attribute my capacity to be of service in this way.

I am certain many of you will have read Raym’s Column ‘Diary of An Urban Shaman,’ in Living Now Magazine. Raym is teacher, colleague and dear friend, to me, to whom I am deeply grateful.

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