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Earth Healing – Whale Whispering – Forgiveness in Albany WA

We are guided to come back later in the year to do the deeper work of forgiving the unforgivable and loving the unlovable - when we will be taking a smaller boat out to the old Albany Whaling station and transforming the cellular memory of the Earth and the Collective consciousness of the whales and humanity, bringing harmony and balance back to the region.

The Card Reading to guide our journey.
The group card was Loss.
We were uncertain as to the meaning of this until Freya already singing for the Whales started to openly weep as she felt overwhelming grief and sorrow in her heart and our tour guide John minutes later pointed out the old Albany Whaling Station to the group.

The outcome card was Ganesh.
Obstacles were definitely removed with perfectly calm seas, nearly 20 whales in attendance (the most our tour guide John had ever seen!)
The rest of the cards were chosen for each person in our collective - our particular flavours constellated beautifully

Bold Head, where the mantras and          forgiveness process aspect of the journey were complete, divine grace and love flowed in and the whales joined us.

Chanting to the Whale Deva, Brahma and the infinity principle Ain Soph Aur and singing the Ho opono pono mantra "I'm sorry please forgive me and thank you I love you". And what a success! Juvenile whales waving tails to our boat. Our guide John said this was very unusual behavior for juvenile whales...

Divine feasting it up on all the whale love - John our tour guide said he has never seen so many whales in one trip (there were around 17) and the sea was so calm for us too - we are all very happy with our service to Earth and the whales.

Thank you John, for this amazing tour  and the wonderful encounters we were able to experience!

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