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The Sacred Geometries of Love – a powerful seminar experience!

In April, Eartheart hosted Michael Rice (world's leading Sacred Architect and Geometer) and Karaimi (Priestess and Soul Healer) from the Czech Republic as part of their World Tour. Together they held a seminar that blew the doors off the participants, revealing hearts ready to freely give and receive love. I have found the process of opening my heart an ongoing journey, that has many layers. Each step I have taken has helped me access more love and given my heart more permission to take the lea din my life. Somehow, this seminar was like hitching a ride in a really fast car of a life-long marathon to unconditional love!

The Geometry of Love is an experimental journey that uses powerful sacred geometries, dance movement and guided meditations to explore the true purpose of relationship - with ourselves, others and our beloved planet. During the seminar, large geometries are created on the ground, and cleared, evoked and invoked for specific purposes. For example, the Geometry on Day 1 transformed karmic issues preventing us from accessing real love, particularly self-love.

Stepping into and progressing through the geometries in pairs was another worldly adventure! I personally found it an intense, emotionally charged experience and although I sometimes felt deterred from moving forward, I also felt an overwhelming amount of courage to keep going. The support from the facilitators and the participants holding the space allowed each person to transform safely, in their own time.

In some areas of the geometries, I couldn't wait to take another step and in other parts, I was stuck and my legs struggled to move forward due to the perceived weight. The experience of meeting the gaze of our geometry partner can't really be described in a way that would do it justice. I can say that I saw the truth about me and my barriers to love in the eyes of the other, like a perfect reflection of my growing edges.

Working with a geometry in a Fractual Universe, I felt strongly that we were providing healing on a global scale, and it felt like I was being of service to the planet just by completing the seminar! In one geometry, I felt that I was helping heal Mother-Daughter lineage issues around abandonment, abortion, rejection, neglect and death throughout human history. This was my own personal experience and I was surprised to find out that my geometry partner had exactly the same experience as me, during a discussion the next morning!

Michael and Karaimi informed us that changes would occur in our lives for another 3 weeks after seminar, and they did! Today I feel lighter in the heart, more open to myself and others and my heart is smiling, more than it ever has. I feel like for the first time in my life, I know the path to take to loving myself freely. The changes in a number of aspects in my life speak for themselves yet the most feedback has been from others, strangers even, who seem to smile at me when I pass then by! And to think, we only got the 2-day seminar taste, the entree so to speak!

The Geometry of Love 5-day Seminar in Bali, October 2015

The seminar is normally a 5-day course, and for those who missed out, Michael and Karaimi will be running the full 5-day seminar early in October in Bali this year! Stay tuned for more details from Eartheart and keep up to date on all Eartheart events by checking the Eartheart events page on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Eartheart/108437102569483?sk=events <3

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