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The Eartheart community, in partnership with Mundaring Shire and Clean-Up Australia Day Council held a Dreamtime Story and “Clean Up” Day at Pipe Head Dam, Helena Valley on Saturday 11th April 2015. This important event was Eartheart's celebration of Earth Day 2015, helping clean the surrounds of a dam which supplies water to many Perth homes and residents.
Local and Perth residents, community groups, families and the environmentally conscious attended along with the Swan River Trust on the day. The event began at 8:30am with an opening ceremony and clean up of the rubbish and old household items that had been left in the valley and around the river. In only 1 hour, the place was cleaned up and left completely sparkling!
Participants then came together in ceremony, song and Aboriginal Dreamtime storytelling with local residents Charles & Crystal Mathelot and sound Alchemist Julian Silburn. This was all in time to receive a blessing from Mother Nature, a downpour of rain, by the riverside during the ceremony, it was magic! Eartheart works closely with Nyungar Elders to inculcate the wisdom of the Aboriginal culture in conjunction with Clean Up Australia Day Program. Our regular Dreamtime Clean-up Days educate the general public by unifying culture and eco-conscience, whilst cleaning up our parks, waterways and reserves reuniting the community with the land and culture through storytelling. This event was the 6th in Eartheart’s ongoing partnership with Clean Up Australia Day Council.
Freya-Savitri Sampson says “We hope that more and more people will join us in these culture and good will rich events, until there are more people than refuse to collect! Then we are sure to transform the way we care as a community for the land and our shared culture. Everyone is welcome at these events, and we invite you to attend.”
The next Ceremony, Dreamtime Clean-Up Day is to be held on the 30th May 2015 at Mount Henry Reserve, Mount Pleasant. For more information or tips for suggested sites, please contact Julia on 0447 416 677 or email info@eartheart.com.au.

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